You might have noticed the trend of sharing with you WebDataRocks demos based on interesting datasets, mainly from Kaggle

And there’s a strong reason for that. 

We designed WebDataRocks to be your most reliable assistant in making data analysis and visualization insightful.

This is why we can’t stop exploring the ways to use it for real-world problems solving.

Thus, driven by the desire to share with you our ideas on data visualization, we prepared the list of top pivot table demos that show how to make the most of WebDataRocks. 

Sounds exciting?

Let’s dive in!

Exploring ‘Chocolate Bar Ratings’ dataset with WebDataRocks Pivot Table & Highcharts

This interactive dashboard is definitely worth your attention. Dive into the best chocolate manufacturers, bean types and their origins. Filter the data by company names and locations, review dates, cocoa percentage, aggregate by ratings, and see how your report is transformed.

Feel free to rearrange the components, namely charts and a pivot table, to get your unique view on the data

See the Pen WebDataRocks & Highcharts dashboard: exploring ‘Chocolate Bar Ratings’ dataset by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

Reporting on Charities in the USA with WebDataRocks and Google Charts

Let’s take a closer look at the charity organizations across the USA. Load the data from Kaggle and build your own report about their revenues, fundraising expenses, accountability scores, net assets, and other metrics. 

See the Pen Data analysis with WebDataRocks and Google Charts: Charities in the United States by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to create a report based on this data.

Geographic insights with Pivot Table and Google Charts

Group your data by countries or regions and visualize it with the pivot table and a geo chart. 

Run the CodePen demo to check how the map reacts to the changes in the tabular report and learn how to implement such behavior.

See the Pen WebDataRocks Pivot Table with Google Charts Map by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

Dark-themed dashboard with WebDataRocks and FusionCharts

For all dark UI fans! Here’s another integration you can greatly benefit from. Combine WebDataRocks with FusionCharts on a single dashboard to get more insights. As a final touch, apply dark themes to each component. 

See the Pen Dashboard with WebDataRocks and FusionCharts: Dark Theme by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

Sales analytics with WebDataRocks and Google Charts

Connecting charts with a pivot table is an excellent way to empower the salespeople with a reporting tool that helps see the complete picture of the data. 

Anyone from the sales department can benefit from such an effective dashboard: sales executives, managers, and sales analysts. Depending on the organization’s purposes, it can be changed in favor of a more fine-grained view. Implement specific KPIs using calculated values to allow everyone to easily track progress towards a goal.

Soon you’ll notice how reporting with WebDataRocks saves time for strategic planning and helps make decisions data-driven.

What is more, the dashboard looks great – it’s built using the material design principles.

See the Pen Interactive Dashboard for Sales Analytics by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

If you need more details on how to use WebDataRocks with Google Charts to build a dashboard, check the tutorial on GitConnected

HR analytics with WebDataRocks and Highcharts

How about HR analytics? 

It’s hard to deny the fact that HR analytics can bring immense value to an organization.

You can use reporting tools based on your HR data sources to gain insights and use them for strategic decisions. 

A dashboard with WebDataRocks and Highcharts can be used to measure employee engagement and optimize day-to-day business processes. 

See the Pen HR Analytics with WebDataRocks and Highcharts by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

Customization options of WebDataRocks Pivot Table

The number of ways to customize the pivot table component is countless. Make sure of it by playing with the demo– it shows only a small subset of settings you can change. These demos will show you how, with a few lines of code, you can change the pivot table skins, translate it into another language, customize cells, and change the Toolbar

To learn about others, go straight to the API section and build your custom scenarios around the component with methods, events, and objects. 

See the Pen Customization options by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

One more demo to try ?

Give it a try

We encourage you to take some time exploring the code & experimenting with it.

Slice & dice the data, highlight important cells, format values, and save the results – WebDataRocks gives you the freedom to bring your unique ideas to life. 

Have fun!

How to get started with Pivot Table?

Download WebDataRocks or install it from npm. By the way, it integrates with all modern front-end frameworks: Vue, React, and Angular.