Renders each cell and can change its content. Allows adding links, custom styles, formatting. Available both as an initialization parameter or an API call.


Gets customizationFunction as an input parameter. customizationFunction has the following signature:

function customizeCellFunction(cellBuilder, cellData)

AcellBuilder object contains information about the cell representation and provides methods for the cell customization. The structure of cellBuilder:

Name Type Description
attr Object Specifies all the attributes and their values. It allows adding custom attributes which later can be used in CSS selectors. Additional info about CSS attribute selectors.
classes Array of Strings Contains all the cell classes. A new class can be added via the addClass() method.
style Object Contains a CSS style of the cell.
tag String Contains a tag element of the cell.
text String Contains a text of the cell (may contain HTML elements, e.g., images).
addClass(value: String) Method Adds a new class to the cell.
toHtml() Method Returns the cell as an HTML string.

A cellData object contains all the information about the cell and its data. Learn more about the structure of a Cell Data Object.


Add alternative colors for the rows: