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What is WebDataRocks

WebDataRocks is a free web reporting tool for data analysis and visualization.

It is written in JavaScript and is not constrained by any external framework. This simple but enterprise-featured web-based pivot grid can be added to your website, application, or a project web page within minutes.

What does it offer

WebDataRocks easily displays your CSV or JSON data in an interactive pivot table, offers a number of data analysis features, and provides a reporting experience. You get the real-time reporting of your data on any device you prefer (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.)

Who can use WebDataRocks

Our reporting tool would be a perfect fit if you:

  • Want to analyze data quickly.
  • Are looking for an online reporting tool.
  • Need a lightweight web pivot table.
  • Don’t know how to code or don’t want to.

Why is it cool

  • WebDataRocks easily embeds in your web page not requiring much programming skills.
  • You can save your time and expenses on integration as it’s already configured and ready to use.
  • Our tool has enterprise features for a real business, despite it’s being costless.
  • It’s a powerful analytic tool with a well-designed ready-to-use modern UI.

The main benefit is that WebDataRocks is an absolutely free tool created by passionate data lovers from Flexmonster.

How can I get WebDataRocks

To use WebDataRocks in your application just go to our download page. Yes, it’s that simple!

How can I add it to my website / application

To make it simple for you we’ve prepared a Quick start tutorial which provides you with an easy instruction on how to add WebDataRocks to your project.

How can I use more advanced options

For those of our users who want to further explore WebDataRocks functionality, we prepared guides on the following topics:

Some thoughts from creators

We truly hope that you will enjoy all this experience with WebDataRocks. It’s created to help solve data analysis needs for different kinds of projects: start-ups, nonprofit, or commercial. So, if it will work for you, please share your success with others. Let data rock this world!


By downloading, installing, and/or using WebDataRocks, you agree with the terms of WebDataRocks End User License Agreement.