How to change formats in HH:MM:SS?


I am getting the parameter in seconds, but I need to show in HH:MM: SS format.
Currently, I am showing by using (parameter(e.g 5668)/3600), which shows 1.57, I don’t want this & I don’t want to hard code. Please help.

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Graeme Lynch August 4, 2020

Sorry it isn’t an answer but I am looking at exactly the same thing today. Did you get anywhere?

Raj August 6, 2020
WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks August 7, 2020

Hi all,
Thank you for posting to our support forum.
WebDataRocks needs input dates in the ISO 8601 date format, for example "2020-08-20T15:50:00". Inside our component, dates can be treated in various ways by setting the data types for CSV or JSON.
Finally, to format how dates are represented, apply datePattern or dateTimePattern from the Options Object.
We hope it helps.
WebDataRocks team