How to add image from URL into the pivot table report


Hi everyone,

I would like to add the image from URL into the pivot table report but I can’t find any document to do this.
Could you please help me to give any advice or document?

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks February 17, 2020

Thank you for contacting us.
In case images have to be added to the grid, we can recommend using the customizeCell API provided by the component. Changing the cellBuilder object in the way its text property contains an <img> tag allows embedding images. Please check out an example demonstrating the described approach.
More information about customizeCell method and cellBuilder object with its properties can be found following the link: “customizeCell” API call.
Please contact us in case of additional questions.
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WebDataRocks Team

Doan Quang Duc February 24, 2020

Thanks for your support. I will try to do this.