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How can I do Editing table input?


Do I have any way to edit the cell the same like this.
I mean when user click on a summary cell, I can get new value and all the details which are used to calculate the value for this field and then update all of these. 

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks December 4, 2020

Hello, Ercan,
Thank you for your question.
Please have a look at the following sample: https://codepen.io/webdatarocks/pen/wvzvZjy. It shows how to make cells editable and a simple ajax request that sends the edited data.
Here are some explanations of the code:
In the example, every cell value is changed to an <input> tag using the customizeCell API call. We have added the onChange handler (lines 77-105 in the example) to track the changes in the input field.
The onChange function sends a post request with both old and new values and the difference between them. Please specify the request URL as a link to the script that will handle the request. That should help to apply the changes to the original dataset.
Hope it works for you!
WebDataRocks Team