How to prepare JSON data and connect it to WebDataRocks demo

Good news, our JavaScript pivot grid is available. All you need is to leave a request. I have decided to come up with the new portion of useful tips. In the previous post, I shared the insights on how to prepare data from Excel and connect it to our demo. Today I am gonna describe […]


How to prepare data from Excel and connect it to our demo

Hello and welcome from our WebDataRocks community! We offer you to see your own data on the grid so you can play around with our live demo and try the functionality it provides. In our today‚Äôs blog post I am going to guide you through the process of preparing your Excel data and explain how […]


Simple Way to Analyze Complex Data Online

Just think of how often we need to make a report quickly to analyze our business data to see trends, reveal patterns, optimize different process etc. Yes, in a lot of cases we can use Excel. But what if I told you that you can have a simple tool that can be easily added into […]