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Hide Row and Column numbers


Can I hide row and column numbers? as well as I want to hide unused cells and see only used cells only in my report.

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks August 7, 2018

Hello Ramarkishna,
Thank you for your question. Please have a look at the following example: https://codepen.io/webdatarocks/pen/XBPOmB. You can try setting showHeaders: false property to hide row and column numbers. When you need to see only used cells you can make the border-color of empty cells transparent.
Please let us know if the suggested approach works fine for you.
WDR Team

Ramarkishna August 7, 2018

Wow that was great! 
Is it possible to resize grid to auto fit with data content? means I don’t want to show white space in report.
At the same time can we hide menu_content, menu_open, menu_save icons?

WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks August 17, 2018

Hello, Rama,
Thanks for your reply.
Currently, the grid is not resized to auto fit with data content. As about the Toolbar icons, we suggest checking out another forum thread
Hope it was helpful.
WebDataRocks Team