How can I add custom tool bar and custom tool bar buttons


I am trying to present multiple pivots without toolbar in my Angular 4 application, So I want to integrate custom tool bar with my own buttons and I want to call toolbar actions with my own custom button clicks is it possible?

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks 2 days ago

You can customize the Toolbar using beforetoolbarcreated event. This event gets toolbar object, its method getTabs() should be used to add/remove tabs. Please check the following example with two custom tabs: Handler for beforetoolbarcreated event is set on line 3.
Hope it helps.
WebDataRocks Team

Ramarkishna 2 days ago

My intention is to use my own buttons and bind functions to that in Angular 4 application, not changing the theme

WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks 22 hours ago

Hello Ramarkishna,
The approach suggested above is very flexible. You can rewrite the 10-th line of the example the following way:
var tabs = [];
In such case, only the custom tabs will remain in the array.
Hope it was helpful.
WebDataRoks Team

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