React Native is growing at a rapid pace. The platform is all about good tools and faster development. Every business owner wants amazing performance, faster development, and quick release.

There are two major platforms Android and IOS, and the developer has to choose between user experience or development speed. To overcome this there are several frameworks. But the most prominent one is React Native. It can help you build a hybrid app with an amazing user experience because of the advanced features.

React Native was launched by Facebook back in the year 2015. Since then it has been the most popular framework. In this guest post, we are talking about the reasons why React Native will be the go-to tool in 2021 & 2022. But we will start with a summary of this framework in 2020. 


React Native is one of the most loved frameworks by developers. It works as a bridge between developing time and user experience. RN is growing at a rapid pace and this growth is unbelievable. It has been among the top frameworks in all the surveys. From professionals to users, everyone is loving it. In a recent update, React Native 0.64 was released. It was released in mid of March 2021 and comes with improved performance and some critical bug fixes. Here are some vital features of RN 0.64.

  • Hermes is available for IO

Hermes is an open-source JavaScript engine that helps React Native to work on multiple platforms. The main focus of Hermes is to decrease memory utilization, reducing the size of the app, and cutting down the time to interact. It is handy in enhancing the app’s performance. Before the release of RN0.64 by Facebook, IOS developers have to face several challenges. The inclusion of Hermes for IOS has made it lightweight and it will provide the best results. 

  • Switch an old project to Hermes

You can now switch an existing project to Hermes. But before doing this you must ensure that the project is upgraded. As Hermes is still new for IOS, hence you can’t expect it to be perfect. There might be some glitches that can be fixed in the coming time. 

  • View Hermes Traces

Facebook is working very hard on React Native. It has included the performance tab in Chrome DevTools that allows you to see the performance of Hermes. This is a useful feature but it isn’t new. You can convert a Hermes profile to a google profile by running commands.  

  • Proxy Support

RN 0.64 has enabled proxy support to Hermes. This makes it compatible with several community projects. It is believed that Hermes can be made a permanent engine for JavaScript incoming updates. 

  • Inline requires to enable by default

The metro configuration option ‘Inline Require’ can help you to accelerate the app’s starting time. It does this by delaying the execution of the JavaScript module. It was earlier an opt-in configuration but now it is enabled by default. This ensures better performance. 

Reasons for the trending of React Native in 2021

You can discover more here for Top React Native development services. Now we will discuss the reasons that have made React Native so successful.

Save Time and Money

You can use React Native to transfer codes from one platform to another. That means you can easily make an IOS application with the help of an Android app. You just have to make certain changes. It will decrease the development time as a single code base can be used for multiple platforms. You can reuse the majority of the codes between Android and IOS. As the development time is decreased, it will directly affect the cost. Now with less time, you will have to spend less money on app development. 

Easy Maintenance

Both API and framework grow together. Earlier you had to update the Android apps regularly if you wanted to use the latest tools. This will cost you a lot of time. An application built on a native framework can cost you time. But React Native makes this development process hassle-free. You can save time, money, and will get the best performance. 

Reusable Components

It is not easy to ignore the platform for an app because of the branding. This is even more difficult in Native. But when it comes to React, it makes this process easier. React Native is compiled to Native hence the feel remains the same. But you can alter any feature or design and make it fit for any platform. Components used for IOS and Android are also available in the React Native framework. This will help you to create a constant look irrespective of the platform you are working on. Popular libraries can also adjust according to the platform. It makes the development process flawless. This opens various choices for you and you can pick the best one for your targeted audience. 

Third-Party Integration

React Native offers easy third-party integration. It can integrate with a native module to easily integrate with the app features. This is done with the help of the framework. It is possible because of the internal programming. You don’t have to do any integration work and hence it saves time. These features come with JavaScript libraries. 

Reloading Feature

Hot reloading is for a better developer experience. It allows the entire team to work efficiently and finish the project quickly. With Hot Module Replacement, you can immediately make changes to any code and you will get an instant result. These changes will be reloaded on their own. This allows the app developer to ignore any recompilation. It is similar to the website development on Native. This will boost the development process. To get an even better debugging experience, you can integrate it with tools like Flipper and Reactotron. 

Better User Experience

React Native can be used to create a flawless and appealing interface. It will also have pre-built declarative components like a picker, button, slider, switch, and many more. If you want customized components then they can be created using various tools. There are several components for IOS and Android to make the functioning even smoother. 

Thank you to our guest author Hermit Chawla, an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He loves to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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