Digital advancement has happened for good. Brands and companies are gaining online presence to offer a competitive edge to their rivals and competitors in the market. With the wave of modernity, businesses are looking for an advanced functionality framework to develop a high end and powerful application in a very short span of development time. There are numerous frameworks available in the market that develop complicated operations. 

An incredible technology that makes the development of an application easy has to be Angular JS. Various reputed brands are using AngularJS to develop web applications right, both aesthetically and functionally. You can use this super-smart technology to build robust web applications within a short time frame. To have a competitive edge, take some good knowledge about the Angular JS 2021 Tools that you can use to develop your business website applications. 

Top 10 best JS Tools


Vue.js is one of the most prominent JavaScript frameworks, whose release date is 2014. Its basic object is to develop a front-end for a web application. Vue has several advantages over others, especially when it comes to its compact size no one can beat Vue. With 18-21 KBs, Vue.js is one of the best light-weighted frameworks. Another factor that makes Vue the best framework tool is that it can handle the app of any size. Vue.js covers the entire app, whether it is a large scale or small scale. The syntax of this framework is easy to read and self-explanatory, which makes understanding and learning easy.

Angular UI Bootstrap

The legacy of one of the best front-end development platforms Angular UI Bootstrap has been passed over the years. As the name suggests, this platform has been developed by Bootstrap. A typical angular will always need an angular-seed that acts as a skeleton. For your website application, it acts as support. Use this tool to bootstrap any project of Angular that you are developing. With this technology, you can also create an efficient development environment that helps in developing your Angular project. 

Angular bootstrap has all the features, power, and potential that Bootstrap has provided with native HTML. It is a known fact that the core Bootstrap is based on jQuery; however, that is not the case with AngularUI Bootstrap. It only supports the AngularJS framework, which depicts that it has zero dependencies on jQuery.


If you want to enhance the scalability of your code, then Ionic is your perfect choice. Ionic comes under the open-source community. Ideally, Ionic is used for building Hybrid mobile applications and cross-platform applications. Cross-platform means write your code once and run anywhere. This framework works smoothly with AngularJS to build applications. One of the efficient advantages of using Ionic is that it supports other frameworks like Vue. Ionic allows full use and combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The immense command-line interface that helps in managing your application is a great factor that lures the developers to prefer it over others.


React is the most popular and super-portable framework of the AngularJS platform. React was developed in 2013, since then it has been gaining popularity, with new features added regularly. While talking about its popularity, it is crucial to mentions that leading companies like Apple, PayPal, and many others, prefer ReactJS for their websites. One of the reasons why developer prefers it is because of the reusability of the source code. It means users can use the same code snippet in different projects. Another reason that captivates users is the virtual DOM that is the Document Object Model. When it comes to speed, the virtual DOM has an advantage over the actual DOM.

Mobile Angular UI

The name must have given you the hint that it provides a complete platform to build native mobile applications. Mobile Angular UI also supports hybrid applications. The sole purpose of Mobile Angular UI is to design and develop the user interface for mobile applications. Even though its frameworks are made of Bootstrap, it offers additional features that are not present in Bootstrap 3. The point that you should note about Mobile Angular UI is that it does power by Bootstrap, but you have zero dependencies of jQuery.


In computer programming, unit testing has a crucial role. It is a sort of software testing, which is used to test individual units or components of the software. It monitors and recognizes the frameworks and classes of JavaScript. Jasmine is an open-source tool that is used for TDD and used for spying on fake calls. Famous names like Accenture and Wal-Mart are using Jasmine as their Angular tool. The developers work on Jasmine to enable testing and monitoring the various frameworks like JavaScript. The purpose behind it is to validate the use of an application. Jasmine is a BDD (Behaviour-driven development) testing framework. Its objective is to test the framework for JavaScript code. It is an independent framework and does not rely on any browser, JavaScript framework, or DOM. It provides leverage of end-to-end and acceptance testing. Hence, it is suited for Node.js projects, websites or anywhere JavaScript can run on it. 

Web Storm 

Known for its smart editing technology, this Angular JS tool provides great support for the JavaScript framework. Such an integrating tool is a must-have for every developer to build a web application. It extends editing support to HTML, CSS, Node JS, and various modern successors. This angular tool is being used because it can integrate with plenty of technologies. What are the features it holds? It comes with Git Support, Intelligent IDE, and easy debugging for frameworks like JavaScript and CSS. A lot of companies, including Big Fours use this tool for the development of applications. 


It is a complete end to end development framework that is used for testing. It can run various interesting and creative testing on a real browser while maintaining interaction with the interaction, similar to a user. This tool is developed by all popular Google. You get amazing features when you use this tool, such as automatic waiting. It only functions with the angular applications and offers user like testing experience. Protractor is used by various reputed organizations for application testing.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an outstanding open-source user interface framework for HTML5 hybrid mobile app development. It is based on Cordova. This framework allows developers to create a mobile application with the use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Onsen UI makes hybrid app development much easier. With this framework, you can use your existing HTML5, Angular JS skills to generate your app on all the platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. It automatically adjusts its settings as soon as the user changes the platform. It adds inviting and zestful features to your application like infinite scroll, lists, forms, etc. It is a user-friendly framework. If you are new to it and do not know the usage then learning OnsenUi will be easy and comfortable.  


Lumix is the foremost sensational and responsive front-end framework. It is based on Google Material Design and Angular JS specifications. It helps web designers to design an extremely enticing layout for the web platforms. It is built with Sass and Bourbon, with this the developer can design the glitch-free app quickly. Here, Sass and Javascript files will automatically be optimized with Gulp. It improves the performance of the application. Moreover, it is an AngularJS friendly framework to build fast one-page apps. It only supports native jQuery to maintain the app speed and keep the framework scalable.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, you have the most useful and popular Angular JS tools for the year 2021. Developing a robust and dynamic Angular app is no more thought with these powerful tools. These tools are always smart to work for all the hard work you do. 2021 will see a lot of advancement in the era of Angular JS that can transform and develop your business website. 

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