Which browsers does exportTo work for?


I want to export form files in PC browser and mobile browser, and expect that they can be exported normally in different browsers.
However, Google, Apple, Oppen and Firefox can be exported normally at both ends. The mobile browsers such as Wechat, QQ, UC and 360 failed to export. bin suffix files, which could not be downloaded.
1. Which browsers are compatible with webdatarocks?
2. If you want to support some Chinese browsers, such as Wechat Browser, QQ Browser (Mobile), 360 Browser (Mobile), UC Browser (Mobile), what do I need to do?

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shisongsong April 8, 2019


leijia April 8, 2019

国内的浏览器,在 PC 端没有问题,但在移动端会出现问题。

function download(content, filename) {
letaEl = document.createElement(‘a’)
aEl.download = filename
aEl.style.display = ‘none’

letblob = newBlob([content])
aEl.href = URL.createObjectURL(blob)


WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks April 11, 2019

Thank you for the question.
1) As for the supported browsers, please find the official list below:

  • Chrome 12+
  • Firefox 15+
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera 15+
  • Safari 6.1+
  • iOS Safari 5.1.1+

2) Currently, there are no plans to support mobile Chinese browsers, but we will add your request and to our backlog. As a workaround, you can try to modify the source of the FileSaver.js library that is bundled with webdatarocks.js and used for saving files. 
Hope it helps.
WebDataRocks Team