What if my data is larger than 1mb?


Hi there,
I am interested in webdatarocks as my front end for data analysis. I know there is a 1MB limit of the data that I would analyze.
I would like to know what would happen if my data is larger than 1MB?
If 1MB is the limit, is it better to use CSV instead of JSON, (JSON file tends to be larger)?

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks January 23, 2019

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the question.

We are happy that you chose us for your project.
Answering your question, WebDataRocks is designed to visualize only 1MB data. You are right that JSON format is considered as more redundant so it is better to use CSV format for such cases.

For data more than 1 MB, we recommend to consider more advanced pivot table – Flexmonster. It’s developed by the same team but doesn’t have such limitation.

Hope the above is useful to you.

Kind regards,
WebDataRocks Team