Using Highchart with Webdatarocks in Angular 2+


However, the challenge am having is getting the instance of Webdatarocks that has the object highcharts. The example given in the link is pure javascript that even uses jquery, see this function below. Perhaps you can help do a small example on its translation to angular 2+ on codepen in connection with the source code provided for angular integration on github.

function createChart() {
type: "areaspline"
}, function(data) {
}, function(data) {

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks January 28, 2019

Thank you for your question.
To be able to pass the data from a pivot table to charts you should install Highcharts dependencies into your project as well as the WebDataRocks connector for Highcharts.
Please check an example of Angular project with WebDataRocks and Highcharts. This is how the resulting dashboard can look like.
You can see the source code and fork this project by following the link to CodeSandBox.
Also, please refer to a GitHub page with an official tutorial on using the Highcharts wrapper for Angular as it may be helpful for a full understanding of the integration process.
Hope this is helpful.
WebDataRocks Team