Swap default position of Values field


Hi there, 
I’m trying to swap the position of the values field so that it shows as rows instead of the current default, columns. 

I know I can do this using the built in dnd menu but Ideally I would like to be able to swap this by default in the setup or even onClick/update.

Current setup: See “1.png”
What I want to be able to do: See “2.png”


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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks October 16, 2020

Hello, Finn,
Thank you for contacting us.
To change the default position of values, place the following object to the rows array of the Slice Object:

rows: [
uniqueName: "Measures"

In this case, values will be displayed in rows by default. If you need to change the position of the values after the initialization of the component, use the runQuery method. It takes a Query Object as an argument and runs it. The Query Object contains a slice with rowscolumnsmeasures, and reportFilters.
We hope it works for you.
Please contact us if further assistance is needed.
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Finn October 16, 2020

That’s perfect, thank you.