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On the default Save button, is there any way to provide the ability to save the report with a different name. For both Chrome and Edge it just defaults to report with no way to change it.

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks March 20, 2019

Hello, Graeme!

Thank you for posting your question.

Yes, it’s possible to save your report with a custom name.
You can customize and redefine the default functionality of all available tabs in the Toolbar or add new ones.
For this, set an event handler to beforetoolbarcreated event.
This event handler should be a function which changes the behavior of saveHandler of the Toolbar.
We’ve prepared an example that demonstrates how to set a custom name of the report’s file
by using the beforetoolbarcreated event and the save method.
For more details, please refer to the articles about the Toolbar customization and save method.

Hope this helps.

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Graeme Lynch March 21, 2019

Thanks. I will have a play.