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Limit filter options based on other filters


I have a series of filters.  The filters list available options for the entire data set.  Is there a way to make the filters represent the current report so each filter will only list available options based on all of the other filters?
Dataset: [
{city: ‘Town 1’, state: ‘MI’},
{city: ‘Town 2’, state: ‘WI’},
{city: ‘Town 3’, state: ‘MI’}
If I selected state MI from the state filter, the town filter would show ‘Town 1’ and ‘Town 2’ as options.

1 answer

WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks March 26, 2020

Hello, Clifford,
Thank you for contacting us.
Our team would like to kindly inform you that such behavior is a known usability issue and is added to our backlog.
However, our road map is full at the moment; therefore, we are not ready to provide you with an exact ETA for this feature.
Please contact us in case additional questions occur.
Kind regards,
WebDataRocks Team