JavaScript runtime error: ‘Promise’ is undefined in IE


While using IE11 it return JavaScript runtime error: ‘Promise’ is undefined in webdatarocks.js file
Please suggest resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks May 11, 2020

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We would like to kindly notice that WebDataRocks is supported by Internet Explorer 11. You are welcome to refer to our demo page using the mentioned browser in order to make sure it works.
Even so, it is possible that some specific configuration or actions lead to the problem. Therefore, our team wants to ask you to provide some additional information about the issue you are facing.
We want to take an interest in whether the problem appears after some specific actions, or right after the page is loaded? What is the behavior of the component itself after the error arises?
Finally, it would be dramatically useful if you could prepare the sample project where the issue would be reproducible and share it with us.
Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
WebDataRocks Team