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I Am Using Angular 8 Along With Webdatarocks, How To Call  POST method  REST API With Basic Auth


Hi webdatarocks Team,
I Am Using Angular 8 Along With Webdatarocks, How To Call    REST API + POST method With Basic Auth,
As i tried to read the API data with POST method but it’s not working with Webdatarocks , if any solution is there please help me.

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks 7 days ago

Hello, Rajeev,
Thank you for contacting us.
We would like to kindly recommend trying to load the JSON data separately from WebDataRocks using any possible approach provided by Angular. Such data can be passed to WebDataRocks as inline JSON using the following construction of the dataSource object:

report: {
dataSource: {
data: source

where the “source” would be a variable containing JSON data or the function returning it.
We hope it helps.
Kind regards,
WebDataRocks Team

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