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How to tuple all components


Can you please let me know is there any way to Tuple all components.
I don’t want to Hardcode tuples names.

2 answers

WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks 3 days ago

Hi Raj,
Thank you for your question.
In case you want to expand all nodes, we suggest using the expandAll property from the Slice Object
If your use-case is different, could you please share more information on what are you trying to achieve?
WebDataRocks team

Raj 3 days ago

Thanks you team for your response.
I am using “Classic” mode. (As a client requirement)
Actually I want to expand whole row with multiple columns on a single click. So to achieve it and I did below code and works fine.
But I want to make tuples dynamic or you can say I want to make all my batches inside the tuple.
i.e I don’t want to Hardcode every batch inside the tuple.

expands: {
expandAll: true,
rows: [
{ tuple: [
{tuple: [
tuple: [


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