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How to do conditional formatting on cell.


Thank you whole team for creating wonderful PIVOT table.
while taking average I want to skip zero, so where I should place condition.
I am using below : 

                uniqueName: “Standard changeover”,
                formula:”if( (‘Standard changeover’) > 0, sum(‘Standard changeover’)/count(‘Standard changeover’),0)”,
                aggregation: “average”,
                format: “decimal2”,
                caption: “Total Standard changeover”,

But it is not working. please assist.
Attached image for refernce.


2 answers

Hugo Martinez July 14, 2020

The easiest way to add conditional formatting is to use the toolbar’s Conditional formatting control.
After that, you can save the new config with the “Save” button.

Raj August 1, 2020

Thanks for best solution, it worked.