How to define in excel export a field of type date


I would like to know how to define in excel export a field of type date

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks December 16, 2019


Thank you for reaching out to us.
WebDataRocks provides the possibility to define the datatype explicitly through the meta-object of the JSON or CSV data set.

  • In case you are using JSON, the meta-object is presented by the first element of an array if your data is presented as an array of objects or the first array if your data set is an array of arrays.
  • If your data source is CSV, the meta-object will be presented by the first line of the data set.

The data type of the specific hierarchy can be defined using the following construction:

  • For JSON:
    "Hierarchy_Name" : { type: "type_name" }
  • For CSV:

    where x is the prefix defining the data type.

Detailed information about data types and their usage can be found by following the links: JSON data typesCSV data types.
Exported file opened in Excel also has data types, specified inside the meta-object, in case the data type defined does not divide the data on several separate subfields. In order to get your date data presented as a single hierarchy, the following data types have to be used:

  • for JSON: date stringdatetime
  • for CSV: ds+dt+

We hope it helps.
WebDataRocks Team