How to assign fields(Without Data) to toolbar


I want to configured fields, later will assign data. Any one help us to assign fields(without data) to toolbar. i’m using this to jQuery application.
Fields like,
[{“Name”: “”,
“Address”: “”,
“Payment Date”: “”,
“Amount”: “”,
“Location”: “”
later will assign value to those fields like
[{“Name”: “A”,
“Address”: “Delhi”,
“Payment Date”: “01-01-2020”,
“Amount”: “$520”,
“Location”: “Delhi”
},{“Name”: “B”,
“Address”: “Delhi”,
“Payment Date”: “01-02-2020”,
“Amount”: “$50”,
“Location”: “Delhi”

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks March 31, 2020

Thank you for your question.
Hierarchies without the data itself can be specified using the meta-object of the data set passed to the component. Such an object is represented as the first object of the JSON array and has the following structure:

Name: {
type: "string"
Address: {
type: "string"
"Payment Date": {
type: "date string"
Amount: {
type: "number"
Location: {
type: "string"

In case such an object is the only one in the passed data set, hierarchies defined within it will be shown in the Field List and on the grid (without any values).

Please see an example we have prepared for you demonstrating the described approach.
It is recommended to define the first object in a JSON array which serves for:

  • setting data types for specific fields to ensure the correct interpretation of the data;
  • creating of multi-level hierarchies;
  • defining captions of the hierarchies.

More information about the object and its properties in our documentation.
We hope it works for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of additional questions.
Best regards,
WebDataRocks Team