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How to add custom fields when pivot table loads in Angular4


I liked your WebDatatRocks web pivot table tool very much because of type of features it has.
Also, I need some customization in fields (default rows, columns and Value).
Solution is there to add custom fields through JavaScript but when I tried with same logic in Angular 2+(TypeScript) it didn’t worked.
Can you please provide me details on how to customize Fields in Angular2+.

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks August 17, 2018

Hello, Sumit,
Thank you for your kind words!
First of all, you will need to generate the report containing your default rows, columns and values. Check out the tutorial explaining how to get such report: Configuring fields.
This report file can later be used when you embed the pivot table:

<wbr-pivot #pivot1 [toolbar]="true"
WebDataRocks will appear here

Hope it helps.
WebDataRocks Team