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How can I open “Format cells modal” with api?



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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks January 24, 2019


Thank you for your question.

To define a formatting in a pivot table, you can set a formats object with a setFormat() method.

This demo shows how to set a default formatting for all the measures and for the specified measure. Please refer to the page of a Number Format Object to learn about its parameters.

Besides, you can get a reference to the Toolbar instance and call its methods on the web page from outside the instance of WebDataRocks. For this, use a beforetoolbarcreated event. Here is an example showing how to open the conditional formatting pop-up window outside the pivot table. You can find the names of the Toolbar methods in its source code.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a method for activating the full screen mode of a pivot table.

As an alternative, we suggest that you keep the Toolbar and customize its appearance and functionality by using the beforetoolbarcreated event. This demo shows how to remove all the tabs except the ‘Format’ and ‘Fullscreen’ tabs.

Hope it helps!

Also, we kindly ask you to post your questions in English.

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WebDataRocks Team