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Getting error in angular 6 project


Getting error in angular 6 project on ng buiild.
In app.module.ts i added:

import { WebDataRocksPivot } from “./webdatarocks/webdatarocks.angular4”;

and added declaration

declarations: [

on build i get 
error TS2503: Cannot find namespace ‘WebDataRocks’.

3 answers

WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks December 16, 2019

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We are happy to announce that the new version of WebDataRocks has been released, our team would like to kindly suggest checking out the GitHub sample demonstrating integration with Angular based on the new version of the component.
WebDataRocks Team

Al Kell January 30, 2020

Confirming that this is actually an issue with Angular 6 or higher. The github sample is built with

“@angular/core”: “^5.2.0”,


import { WebDataRocksPivot } from ‘./webdatarocks/webdatarocks.angular4’; 
in app.module.ts generates the error
“Cannot find module ‘./webdatarocks/webdatarocks.angular4’.ts(2307)”.


WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks February 20, 2020

Thank you for giving us some time.
We are happy to inform you that our GitHub sample dedicated to the integration with Angular was updated. It now uses an Angular version 9. You are welcome to check it out!
Please contact us in case of additional questions.
Best regards,
WebDataRocks Team