FieldsList will close when call execute updateData


Thanks for providing such an amazing tool!
My question is that my data will update per 5 second, if user opend FieldsList window, it will soon close, makes bad experienced
Waiting for your advise, Thx

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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks May 1, 2020

Thank you for your question.
Our team would like to kindly recommend using the following approach in order to avoid closing the Field List each time the updateData method is executed.
WebDataRocks provides fieldslistopen and fieldslistclose which are triggered each time the user opens or closes the Field List.
It allows tracking whether updating should be performed or not.
We have prepared an example using the mentioned events.
It uses the fieldListOpened boolean variable that toggles each time the state of the Field List is changed. Before the data is updated, the following condition is checked:


We hope it works for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of additional questions.
Best regards,
WebDataRocks Team