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Do you support json array of object


Does webdatarocks supports json array of object like this one. If so how do you format it.

“orderId”: 28923,
“customerMeter”: “54150924816”,
“customerName”: “LAWAL NUSIRU”,
“customerAddress”: “LEKKI, HSE ESTHER ADELEKE STREET, “,
“accountType”: {
“accountTypeId”: 1000,
“accountTypeValue”: “OFFLINE_PREPAID”,
“accountTypeDesc”: “PREPAID”,
“createdOn”: “2019-02-17T22:45:04”,
“updatedOn”: “2019-03-19T13:49:20”,
“status”: 1
“mobilePhone”: “08052269972”,
“amount”: 1000,
“fees”: 100,
“email”: “solafadatech@gmail.com”,
“transactionId”: “TXN38141”

1 answer

Ben Gorde April 12, 2019

As I’ve discovered, only an array of objects, with each object consisting of key-value pairs is supported. With my nested data, I’m coping by flattening nested JSON objects.