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Customize Field options in Detail


Hi Webdatarocks,
After I searched from forum, I using “slice: { reportFilters: [{ uniqueName:” and “showReportFiltersArea: false”  to select what I want to see in Detail page.
But due to column and row for pivot table need, it still have some option I don’t want to see in Detail page.
I’m thinking three ways to approach that, can help me to know how to implement it?

  1. deselect the option I don’t want to see automatically when every time I double click the cell and into detail page.
  2. resize the column to 0 (just like hidden column)
  3. adjust the sort from first to last automatically when every time I double click into detail page. (kind of out of sight, out of mind) 


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WebDataRocks Team WebDataRocks October 15, 2019

Hello Jacinth,
Thank you for writing.
Yes, you are correct. The approach with placing all the necessary columns to reportFilters is the recommended one, for now.
As for the other options:

  1. You can try implementing such an approach, but it will require to maintain the current state and listening to the double click events. Also, please note that there is no option to intercept the drill-through operation that is why you will probably need to simulate the second double-click on your side.
  2. There is no such option in WebDataRocks. You can try achieving it with CSS. Please note, that there is no drill-through pop-up opened event available.
  3. The implementation will be similar to the 1 paragraph.
  4. Handle drill-through on your side. Disable the default drill-through implementation and open the pop-up with a new WebDataRocks instance using a flat table. You will need to make an additional data request for the flat view.

Also, we recommend trying Flexmonster which is a premium pivot component. You can define a separate slice for the drill-through pop-up window there.
WebDataRocks Team