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Technical specifications

Feature Availability
– Grid
Virtual grid that ensures smooth rendering and scrolling the rows
Sort the members of the rows and columns
Sort by values
Drag and drop the hierarchies on the grid
Drill through the cells
Drill the hierarchies up and down
Expand and collapse the hierarchies on the grid
Resize the rows and columns on the grid
Grand totals and subtotals
Compact pivot table
Classic pivot table
Flat table
Add multiple fields to the rows
Add multiple fields to the columns
Add multiple fields to the measures
Create multilevel hierarchies
Select the string field as a measure (with count or distinctcount aggregation applied)
Select cells
Copy selected cells
Keyboard shortcuts to navigate on the grid
Highlight the rows and columns via the conditional formatting
– Filter
Filter by members using the checkbox
Filtering by members using the search input box
Filtering by value (Top X records)
Filtering by value (Bottom X records)
Report filters
– Fields
Adding and editing calculated values via UI
Dragging fields in the Field List
Displaying hierarchy levels in the Field List
The Expand All option in the Field List
The Field List in the drill-through pop-up window
– Aggregation functions
“stdevp” (Population Standard Deviation)
“stdevs” (Sample Standard Deviation)
– The Toolbar
Save a report
Open a report
Conditional formatting
Number formatting
Connect to a CSV data source
Connect to a JSON data source
Full-screen mode
– Export
Print reports
Export reports to HTML
Export reports to MS Excel
Export reports to PDF
Add custom headers and footers (PDF, HTML)
Add custom sheet names (Excel)
– Options
Language localization
Apply a pre-defined report theme
Date and time patterns
– Integration with charting libraries
Google Charts
Any charting library
– Integration with frameworks and web technologies
Angular 5+

Options available for developers:

Feature Availability
– General options
Show or hide the Toolbar
Show or hide the Field List
Open or close the Field List via UI or API
Show or hide the aggregation selection control in the Field List
Show or hide the “Add calculated value” control in the Field List
Enable or disable the drill-through feature
Configure a slice in the drill-through pop-up window
Show or hide the Field List in the drill-through pop-up window
Show or hide the sorting controls
Enable a default slice for the component
Set a default sorting type for the hierarchy members: “asc”, “desc” or “unsorted”
Change the aggregation labels via localization
Define data types in CSV
Define data types in JSON
Different field separators for CSV
Set global options for all reports
Customize the Toolbar
Define custom report themes
Customize the context menu
Expand or collapse all hierarchy members via API
– Grid options
Set the grid form. Possible values are: “compact”, “classic”, “flat”
Set the grid title
Show or hide the filtering controls
Show or hide spreadsheet headers
Show or hide subtotals
Show or hide grand totals in the rows and/or columns
Show or hide the hierarchy captions
Show or hide report filters on the grid