WebDataRocks reporting tool is embedded using new WebDataRocks() API call.

new WebDataRocks({
    container: String,
    toolbar: Boolean,
    report: Report Object | String,
    width: Number,
    height: Number,
    customizeCell: Function,
    global: Report Object

To embed WebDataRocks in the simplest configuration, return to the Quick start tutorial.


Name Type Description
container String An id of the HTML element where pivot table is rendered.
toolbar Boolean optional Parameter to embed the Toolbar.
report Report Object | String optional Property to define which data is shown and other configurations.
width Number optional The width of the pivot table in pixels or percent (100% by default).
height Number optional The height of the pivot table in pixels or percent (500 by default).
customizeCell Function optional Function that renders each cell and can change its content (see how to use).
global Report Object optional Property to set default configurations for all reports.
reportcomplete Function | String optional It is fired when the component is ready to use (a report was loaded successfully and the grid was rendered).


The reference to the WebDataRocks object. API calls can be used via this object.


Embed WebDataRocks reporting tool with the Toolbar: