WebDataRocks Grid Layouts

The grid can be displayed in different forms to enhance the storytelling of a particular dataset. The WebDataRocks supports 3 types of pivot table layouts: classic, compact, and flat view.

  • The compact view is the most convenient and popular way to display a pivot grid. The compact form displays items from different row area fields in one column. Optimizing the use of space on the page, the compact view gives more attention to numeric data and displays the hierarchy as drop-down lists.

  • The analog of the compact view for the pivot table is the classic view. It provides the usual Excel-like layout of hierarchies, where sub-levels of hierarchies are shown, one by one, in separate columns. The user can immediately see all members in this form and have a constant overview of the slice structure.

Flat table view

A flat layout is the simplest form and corresponds to a regular table, where the data is presented in a non-aggregated raw form without hierarchies. Such a layout gives a dataset overview with quick access to the full details of each record.

Standard grid functionality is also preserved in the flat view: filtering, sorting, the ability to change the order of columns and rows, and grand total for number values are available through the UI.

Each grid form has its use cases and is better to use in specific cases. You can learn more about their advantages in the grid layout documentation.

Give your report a brand new look by changing the layouts and colors of the pivot grid in several clicks! You are packed with 8 built-in themes that will make your report results look more catchy. Simply use predefined CSS skins to choose the report style your users will love.

Didn’t find your perfect color match? Create your own grid design to fit your style. To find out how to customize a theme check our documentation. You can also look through other customization options there.

WebDataRocks pivot grid simply integrates with Google Charts. With a ready-to-use wrapper, you can create a dashboard in a few steps! Slice and dice the data, drill through to get a view on different levels of detail – there are no limitations on exploring your data. Revealing rich insights is closer than you think.

Company Revenue

WebDataRocks web reporting tool can perfectly work with any chart that you decided to use in your project. Please check the detailed guide on how to integrate the pivot table with any charting library.

With interactive features of the WebDataRocks web pivot table and Highcharts, you can create a dashboard and visualize the product performance in real-time, monitor specific metrics of your choice, track business metrics and KPIs.

Sales by Countries

As a dynamic charting library, Highcharts supports a wide range of chart types like area, bar, pie, geo chart, column, etc. In combination with a free feature-rich pivot grid, you get a particularized report.

The WebDataRocks Pivot Table is a reporting tool designed to fit into your project as best as possible. It is flexible, customizable, and easily embeddable to become a native part of your application or software.

The component has a wide range of customization options and settings you can compose to give the tool the required look and feel.

You can change the appearance and structure of the report or add extra functionality:

WebDataRocks JavaScript pivot grid is a powerful UI component for multi-dimensional data analysis. You can integrate the pivot table into any application or website and create interactive reports on a fly.

You can integrate WebDataRocks with any framework or work with our ready-to-use wrappers to quickly create a web pivot grid in Angular, React, Vue projects.

WebDataRocks Pivot Table Features

WebDataRocks pivot grid is a rich-featured control that contains all Excel-like features needed for blazing pivot analysis: grouping, filtering, sorting, drilling up and down, calculating fields, exporting to PDF, JSON, Excel, and more. Check out all the features in our technical specification guide and see other pivot examples we made to show you how it works.