Autumn is coming not alone but with a new WebDataRocks 1.4 release! We are thrilled to present to you all the long-awaited features we have been working on all this time. 

Our product is created by developers for developers. Therefore, we understand that one of the main characteristics of good software is the ease of its integration into the project. 

Hence, in this release, we focused on making the development process as easy as possible.  Also, we made some handy updates and gave you new options to choose between stylish pivot table layouts.

Framework Wrappers

The core release improvement – framework wrappers for Vue, React and Angular. Just a few lines of code can elegantly and quickly embed WebDataRocks into your project. Now you don’t need to spend time understanding a bunch of features to integrate with one of these JavaScript frameworks. For more details you can check our integration guides:

New themes

Another update is the expansion of pivot customization: in the new release, we have added 3 new predefined themes. So now you can choose the most suitable theme for your design from the 8 offered:

  • Dark
  • Default
  • Light blue
  • Orange
  • Teal
  • Striped-Blue
  • Striped-Teal
  • Green

All of them you can try and feel in our pivot themes demo.

Even if you didn’t find anything from the proposed designs that fits, you can create your own using a custom CSS file. You can do this through a special tool – theme builder, or manually. To learn exactly how to do this, refer to the guide on how to create custom report themes.

Minor fixes

In addition to the new features, we made a few fixes, that were frequently asked on Stackoverflow:

  • the issue with ignoring captions of calculated values, captions of fields that are not included in the slice and captions in the Field List was fixed;
  • the issue with storing column names was fixed;
  • the issue with a TypeError while using keyboard navigation was fixed.

!Note that we migrated to ES6 JavaScript standard, which is not supported by Internet Explorer 11!

We sincerely hope that every improvement will be useful to you. And we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new release so share them with us!