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There are countless reasons to enjoy winter. 

Christmas lights, hot cocoa, warm sweaters, presents, and more time for visiting friends and family.

But there’s one more reason to love this magical time of the year. 

And it’s the WebDataRocks new release.

In anticipation of the coming winter holidays, we’re happy to present a new milestone in WebDataRocks roadmap.

And with all the new features you’ve been waiting for, we’ve launched on Product Hunt?:

Please support us and share your thoughts about WebDataRocks – it will help more people discover our web reporting solution. 

So, eager to know what a new release brings? Let’s dive deep into its highlights!

UX improvements

? Auto-calculation bar

Without exaggeration, it’s the most remarkable and requested feature of our release.

Want to instantly see intermediate calculations once you select several cells? This is where the auto-calculation bar comes in handy. 

With this new UI feature, you can see the progress during calculations in real-time. The auto-calculation bar automatically displays the sum, average, and count of the selected cells. Its main advantage is that it gives you quick answers during your work.

See it in action:

Try it and you’ll love it ?

Creation a calculated value by double-click

Composing custom formulas in the Field List has become even faster.

Instead of dragging and dropping, simply double-click the measure to include it to the formula:

More connection options via UI

Even more features are at your fingertips now!

Now you can connect to a remote JSON data source in two clicks. Just click the Connect tab and insert a URL to load your data into the pivot table component:

Features for developers ?‍??‍?

Just like we always do, we took care not only of end-users but also of developers. 

And here’s what came out of it. 

Improved module dependencies

This update is a true blessing for front-end developers since the importing of WebDataRocks to your project is enhanced in many ways. The two major changes you can benefit from are: 

  • There’s no need to import the Toolbar’s script separately – now it’s included in the webdatarocks.js script.
  • The Node.JS modules are improved and AMD has become supported now.
TypeScript type definitions for WebDataRocks

Integration with TypeScript has never been more seamless. 

You can use the type definitions for WebDataRocks right out of the box. They are available as a part of an npm package. 

React + TypeScript app with Pivot Table

Take full advantage of introduced type definitions – integrate WebDataRocks into a React + TypeScript app.

Here’s a brand-new GitHub project to guide you through the process:

WebDataRocks in React + TypeScript app

Integration with Vue

In light of rapidly increasing Vue’s popularity and our users’ interest in this young framework, we added a new awesome Vue wrapper for WebDataRocks Pivot Table.

Check it out ?

API calls updates 

With the getSelectedCell() method, now you can get the information about multiple selected cells at once. Check out the demo to see how it works. ?

Localization updates ?

Thanks to our community contributions, we have five new localization files! In addition to English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, you can also translate your reporting tool into Chinese, Italian, German, Turkish, and Russian languages. 

Plus, by efforts of our users, a few localization files were updated and improved. 

To translate your pivot table in an instant, follow instructions from the guide on pivot’s localization and check out our GitHub repository

Download the latest version ?

Ready to test all the awesome brand-new features?

The newest version of WebDataRocks Pivot Table is available on npm! ?

And you are more than welcome to support us on Product Hunt – we’re live there now!