Learn data, and you can tell stories that more people don’t even know about yet but are eager to hear.

– Nathan Yau

Alongside with critical thinking and programming skills, being able to tell a story with your data is a must-have 21st-century skill.

Regardless of the sphere you are working in, sooner or later you’ll have to present the results of your work and share some of your expertise about the topic with the audience. The main goal is to communicate your messages clearly. As a rule, to find the answers to your questions, you need to use the data that comes from the various data sources in a raw format.

Therefore, to turn the data into insights, it’s crucial to acquire skills and master techniques of effective working with the data. In this case, data visualization blogs are of great assistance. Reading about experiences of professionals, you may become inspired to start new projects, learn how to get a better understanding of your data and come up with new ideas to make your data presentations shine.

Continuing our data visualization project, we’ve decided to make a list of excellent, to our opinion, blogs which are created to help you enhance the storytelling-based approach to data visualization.

Information is beautiful

This blog is designed to convey the art of data visualization. As soon as you are taken to its main page, you may become struck by rich and engaging visualizations. The blog’s mission is to show how to present data in captivating graphics and make the numbers speak loudly. All infographics are approached with care so as to help grasp the main ideas hidden behind them effortlessly. Visualizations answer various relevant questions related to demographics, politics, economics, etc.

For example, check out interactive infographics about Hollywood films and see it with your own eyes.

Data Plus Science

This blog is full of resources and tips that help you get better at Tableau. Tutorials are of special interest for data analysts – they are detailed and incredibly helpful for building any kind of chart.

You can also find here visualizations of various trends in the data.

The Functional Art

This blog is created to help you get smarter about design and reading visual information.

If you love long reads – you’ve absolutely come to the right place.

The blog contains profound books overviews which help improve your graphical literacy. In addition, you can take a look at examples of astounding data visualization and storytelling or check out the author’s books related to data visualization.

We recommend following this blog to always stay informed of the latest overviews and tutorials.

AnyChart blog

This blog is famous for offering the DataViz Weekly overview which highlights the coolest visualization projects found on the web.

If you prefer learning by doing, you can dive into tutorials and practice creating stunning charts with JavaScript.


The blog’s founder is Nathan Yau, a statistician, whose mission is to communicate the importance of data visualization’s role to everyone.

FlowingData can be called a paradise for R programmers & statisticians. Besides, it contains versatile content for all tastes and purposes.

Not only can you get a deeper understanding of the ways data influences our daily life but also learn how to create visualizations like an expert (mostly in R). We recommend paying attention to the guides which focus on specific topics and courses which explain in a step-by-step manner how to excel at data visualization in R.

Modern Data

This is one more blog where you can master the technique of presenting your message simply and clearly.

A multitude of tutorials will help you learn key principles of data visualization with Plotly. All tutorials are freely available to anyone who is interested in data science and visualization.

Plotly Blog

In the data science world, Plotly needs no introduction. It is a high-level charting library and a popular data visualization toolbox. Not only the company develops a top-notch product but also provides a top quality multipurpose blog.

The Plotly Blog is a holy grail for data scientists, data visualization enthusiasts, mathematicians, and engineers. Here you can make use of tutorials and guidelines to master visualization techniques and become an expert in the data visualization field.

DataQuest Blog

The DataQuest Blog is a treasure trove of up-to-date articles dedicated to data science and career paths. You can get here the essential knowledge required to become a skilled data scientist, reveal new ways of working with data and discover scholarships. Whether you are a Python or R programmer, you’ll find something beneficial for yourself. At your service, there are career tips that help sharpen both technical and soft skills, student stories and courses which are divided into missions for convenience – such a breaking a big task into smaller ones help you feel less overwhelmed with studying new things.

The blog gives you the feeling that the content is created with the care of learning experience and keeping students motivated and deeply engaged in what they are studying.

Here you have an opportunity to learn the building concepts of data science and choose your own path you want to excel at.

Driven By Data

This blog is a collection of tailored infographics which provide with insights on political, demographic, social and economic topics. It’s curated by Gregor Aisch – a data journalist whose work is acknowledged by Society for News Design Malofiej Infographics Summit.

Visit its website to immerse the data visualization world, full of surprises and hidden insights.  

The Economist: Graphic detail

A professional blog created by best analysts of the Economist. Here you can sense a feeling of true data journalism as it is and enjoy data storytelling in its very best.

Daily charts are dedicated mostly to the topics the journalists are specialized in – social science, ecology, and, of course, economics. The blog is updated every weekday.

Tableau Blog

Alongside with product’s information, news and tips on using Tableau, this blog is a great source of inspiration for data analysts. Here you can dive into experiences of like-minded people from all over the world, learn about the social impact of data and become motivated to start new data visualization projects. Tutorials are definitely worth your attention – with their help, you can learn to create visualizations like a pro.

Final words

We do hope the above-mentioned blogs will set you on the right path of bringing your data storytelling to life.

Don’t be afraid to face difficulties – break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself at every opportunity.  You have the whole potential to join the community of data visualization experts. Start with practice and the fruits of your work won’t be far behind.