Being a successful and competitive developer means always stay aware of the latest updates in your working field. It is equally important to deepen your knowledge and skills according to those updates, too. However, may you not be afraid of this!

Fortunately, we have the Internet to help us accomplish the task of self-education. So, especially for this aim, we’ve prepared a collection of blogs and resources coming handy for people engaged in IT. With such a set, you can be sure that you’re moving with the times!



Web developers and designers will undoubtedly profit from reading it! The website is self-described as a platform “for web professionals, by web professionals,” so if you categorize yourself as a web-connected person (or desire to become so) – welcome to SitePoint.

You can find here everything you want to know about web-development and even more. Site navigation includes a blog with related articles along with a library containing a good deal of books and online courses.

You may also like: SitePoint has its own forum where you can communicate with like-minded people. Just for fun or to find something out – depends on your choice.


Smashing Magazine

Do you think that one news website is not enough? Then here’s another publishing resource for you to know the latest trends in web development.

Technical specialists will be interested in reading about JavaScript, frameworks, and software development for mobile platforms. Designers and illustrators can find plenty of articles concerning their field as well.

Additionally, Smashing Magazine offers a collection of books (by the way, paper ones too!).

You may also like: As a nice bonus, the site has blocks with events and job vacancies.


Level Up Coding by GitConnected

One more handy recourse for your consideration. Though it looks like Level Up Coding is generally web-oriented, you can find there amazing articles on other topics, e.g. about work time organizing.

Returning to the web development, notice that the website has lots of information concerning web programming tools. I can also mention articles reviewing the functionality of different frameworks, for instance, React and Vue. Since it’s essential to have a strong knowledge of frameworks, those articles will become beneficial to web developers.

You may also like: Level Up Coding suggests you a special API for creating and editing your developer’s portfolio. The main convenience of this API is that you can share it on various websites and then automatically update on all of them! Visit this page to learn more.



This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, maybe you’ve thought of StackOverflow. For the record, it is StackExchange’s most viewed and famous “child”. Except for this popular website, StackExchange also hosts many other ones.

Being a network of Q&A websites, it presents you a great variety of communities for every taste: mathematics, web applications, game development, and many others. Thus, if you got stuck with some naughty problem, you can boldly go to StackExchange to ask a question. Be sure that professionals and enthusiasts dwelling on there will help you.



GeeksforGeeks is just a treasure chest for a programmer! With the help of numerous tutorials, you may improve your algorithms understanding, start learning some programming languages, as well as get acquainted with new technologies.

Already feeling assured concerning some topics? In this case, you can share your insights with less skilled technicians.

In a word, GeeksforGeeks is a place to go for people involved in IT.

You may also like: Those yearning to get a job will benefit from a collection of interview questions from different companies such as Amazon or Microsoft.


Reddit for Developers

As humans must be a part of a community, you can’t just stay beside and read all those fancy programming articles alone. So, the best website to discuss the latest development trends, technical news, any other developers’ issue is… Of course, Reddit for developers!

Make a new exciting post, gather a bunch of comments, and find people with the same interests. This really makes sense: while learning something new and useful to you, you also build an active community ready to interact.

Let me give you a little piece of advice: visit all of dedicated to programming subreddits. To stay as much informed as possible, of course.


WebsiteSetup is a free online resource for learning web development, design and WordPress. It helps people create, customize and improve their websites.

They have more than 80 up-to-date guides, tutorials, and comparisons about CMS platforms, website builders and all sorts of awesome stuff related to web development.



Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky is a co-founder of StackOverflow, former Microsoft program manager, and just a qualified software engineer. Joel’s been into the IT field for almost 30 years now, so he definitely has what to tell you about programming.

Joel’s posts are generally focused on software development, management, and business. Believing his own statistics, Joel’s written about 1444 articles. Enormous number! So, to gain so much useful experience from this knowledgeable man, visit his blog and pick any piece.


David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a senior software developer for Mozilla and a person expertized in front-end technologies. Therefore, his blog covers subjects directly connected to websites. There you can find excellent articles about CSS, JavaScript, and so on.

David also has a pretty lovely philosophy on learning web technologies: experiment, fail, fix, fail again, fix again, and never give up. As you can notice, this approach can be easily applied to any other educational process.

All the mentioned, as well as David’s focus on open source contributing, make this blog especially an outstanding one.



Greet another prominent person in our list! Dan Abramov is a co-creator of the Redux library for JavaScript working in the Facebook company. As he is also a part of the React team, Dan likes to write about this product (and knows what to tell you, too). Furthermore, even his blog is built with React!

A year ago, Dan Abramov moved from Medium to his own blog, where the time of reading a post is measured in cups of coffee.

This blog isn’t a resource to look through and get informed about the latest news in the IT world. It’s more of a blog for pleasure. After all, it is the feeling you have while reading notes of a person who loves his job, his blog, and is in the right place.


Robin Wieruch

That’s a blog to enhance your web-development skills! It’s author, Robin Wieruch, is a self-employed programmer, who’s fond of JavaScript. Robin now teaches JS to people through his books and online courses (which can be found on his website) and also provides on-site consulting to companies.

In the blog, Robin writes about everything from tutorials for beginners to Machine Learning in JavaScript.

Many experts in programming, such as already mentioned Dan Abramov, say that Robin offers the content of high quality. For our part, we suggest you check on your own whether that blog is really so useful! Be sure you’ll find lots of exciting stuff to learn there.


Oh, one more thing. In case you’re interested not only in reading the news but also studying some topics intensely, consider visiting Coursera. This popular online learning platform suggests lots of high-quality courses in IT.

Moreover, if your field of interest is web development – you are lucky! Especially for you, we made a list of best free online courses for web developers. Enjoy!

If you are already confident in your knowledge and abilities and are looking for an interesting project, then you can find good web developer vacancies on the Jooble.

We made this compilation of resources to save your time and give you additional skills. News websites, a variety of tutorials and online courses, educational blogs – all of this don’t leave you a chance to stay unaware. So, no excuses – just go, read, and do.