Just think of how often we need to make a report quickly to analyze our business data to see trends, reveal patterns, optimize different processes, etc.

Yes, in a lot of cases we can use Excel. But what if I told you that you can have a simple tool that can be easily added to your website or application and then be able to produce interactive reports in real-time on any device you prefer (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.)

That’s why we made such a product to make your analytics easier.

If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios:

  • You need to create nice designed interactive reports based on your collected data instantly
  • You don’t know how to code or don’t want to
  • You don’t have any OLAP cube but you need to pivot your data

WebDataRocks Pivot Table will work for you!


STEP 1. Get Web Reporting Tool for Free 

After downloading, you will get a high-powered and qualitative tool for free. It’s the best option for new projects or startups to make serious data analysis for own business with no risks and obligations. You can actually get to your reporting in 5 minutes after download. No pitfalls!

STEP 2. Embed Web Reporting Tool into Your Webpage

Yes, it’s easy to do and no programming experience is needed. We made this tool to reduce your costs for special development and integration that is often required.

Just put the ready-to-use simple script into your webpage and start your reporting instantly.

STEP 3. Run Your Data in Ready-to-Use UI

Well, now you have a powerful analytics tool with a well-designed interface. Notice, that WebDataRocks is a fully completed and ready-to-use tool that does not require any additional development or improvement. It estimably saves your time and money on its completion. Thus, in one click you get a handy, pleasant-to-use reporting tool with an intuitive UI.

STEP 4. Start Your Reporting!

Despite it’s costless and simple in usage, WebDataRocks is a web reporting tool with enterprise features for real business. It’s enriched with logical functions that will help you to deal with all your data. Powered by features like filtering, sorting, grouping, conditional and number formatting, calculated values, grand totals, subtotals, etc.

You are welcome to use it!

Manage and rock your data in the way your project needs.

Please follow our Quick start tutorial.


How can I get WebDataRocks

To start using WebDataRocks just choose one of three available installation options to get your code. Go for it!

Who created WebDataRocks

WebDataRocks Pivot Grіd is created by true experts and fans of data. We are developers who gathered all our long-term experience (more than 10 years of successful development of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component) and decided to make life easier for non-IT people. We hope you will find this tool extremely handy!

From Flexmonster, with love.