If you’ve been following our release updates, then you definitely know we released integration with amCharts.

We feel this new shiny feature needs to be covered in more detail.

If you feel this way, too, make yourself comfortable and let’s figure out what this integration can bring to your reporting and data visualization processes.

About amCharts ?

But first, let’s take a closer look at what amCharts is. 

amCharts is a high-level data visualization library that provides interactive charts out of the box. As well as WebDataRocks, it’s compatible with React, Angular, Vue.js, and plain JavaScript.

The beauty of these charts deserves special mention. They instantly win the hearts of everyone who see them for the first time.

And this is what happened to us as well. We simply couldn’t pass by as we came across amCharts. Soon after, the idea to streamline usage of our pivot table with amCharts was born.

Now we’re thrilled to showcase the fruits of our labor and give you a better understanding of how using these two powerful libraries together helps achieve the best reporting results. 

Reasons to try WebDataRocks Pivot with amCharts ?

Why a combination of WebDataRocks and amCharts is a perfect match for your data visualization project? The answer is simple.

Before you feed data into charts, likely, you need to prepare it according to a specific structure of a chart type. Plus, in most cases, the incoming data should be summarized beforehand. 

This is exactly what WebDataRocks can do for you. On your part, you just need to set up the reporting tool, load your JSON or CSV data and calculate the sum, median, mean, standard deviation, or any other summary. Or even create your own one

Once your data is transformed by pivoting, filtering, and sorting, you can bring it to life by sending it to the chart via a lightweight JavaScript connector.

How to get started with WebDataRocks Pivot Table and amCharts ?

Here’s the list of steps on how to incorporate charts and WebDataRocks right into your app, regardless of the technology it’s built with:

To empower you with more details on the integration process, we’ve created a complete guide for you. It’s based on the V4 of amCharts

Apart from integration capabilities, our products share a lot in common. Both WebDataRocks and amCharts

  • make data exploration interactive;
  • allow to focusing on details in your data;
  • work perfectly for statistical analysis;
  • smoothly integrate with all modern front-end frameworks.

Surely, we could speak at length about data visualization power of amCharts and analytical capabilities of WebDataRocks. 

But it’s better to see for yourself.

Take a look at the demos to make sure both tools work like a charm together ?

See the Pen amCharts Clustered Bar Chart & WebDataRocks Pivot Table by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

See the Pen amCharts Semi-circle Pie Chart & WebDataRocks Pivot Table by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

All the demos are interactive. Feel free to play with them and explore your data! 

Feedback ?

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new integration and our new major release. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback via any channel that is most convenient for you.