Free PivotTables

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best free pivot table libraries you can integrate into your project to improve your web reporting. Pivot tables are great tools that not only help you organize and visualize data but also allow you to sort, filter, and export it. Here you can read more detailed information about what a pivot table is.  The pivot table component can transform your data into a readable format and provide valuable insights. However,  many developers have the challenge “how to choose a pivot table for your project.”  That is why we decided to evaluate various pivot controls. 

There is a big variety of such kind of tools, they all specialize on different aspects of reporting. Some of them are focused more on charts, other presented by simple grids, or designing reports etc.

Anyway, when you have any data the first thing you need to do is to group it and find the dependencies. Pivoting approach is widely used for this purposes.

So, here we want to point out 4 good options that we think can be worth your attention.

List of best free pivot table controls for data visualization & reporting


Pivottablejs example


  • opensource
  • ability to create custom pivot charts
  • available localization


  • No updates & support since 2016

PivotTable.js is a powerful tool that offers Excel pivot table functionality in an intuitive and user-friendly way. It was once a popular choice among free JS libraries and was initially developed in CoffeeScript. Built on top of jQuery and jQueryUI, it is highly customizable and allows developers to alter its appearance using a custom color scale. Moreover, PivotTable.js offers GitHub’s localization files and allows you to transform the pivot table into a pivot chart by using special add-ons

 WebDataRocks Pivot Table

WebDataRocks PivotGrid Example


  • Comfy Toolbar for users
  • Integration with charting libraries
  • Localization
  • Customization options
  • Modern design


  • 1MB data limit

WebDataRocks Pivot is undoubtedly one of the best free JavaScript pivot grid libraries available today. This library provides a smooth integration process, along with complex data analysis capabilities. It is a native JavaScript library and presents data in CSV/JSON format in an interactive pivot table. Additionally, WebDataRocks Pivot can be readily integrated with various frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue, and Blazor, which makes it an ideal choice for web developers.

WebDataRocks Pivot offers a wide range of data analysis features, such as drag and drop, drill through, multiple data fields, grand totals, subtotals, sorting, and filtering, among others. That makes it the perfect tool for web reporting because it’s pretty fast and powerful.  This pivot control is very easy even for non-technical users who like Excel-like experience, Toolbar makes it simple to slice and play with data, create reports, and export results to Excel, PDF, and HTML formats.

React-Pivot Table

React-Pivot Table Example


  • supports React
  • integrates with Plotly charts
  • Open-source


  • react-only, 
  • infrequent  updates 

The creators of pivottable.js make this pivot especially for react funs. It has great functionality and provides localization support and comes with a pre-built table, heat map, and table-bar chart renderers, empowering users to customize and visualize their data in various formats.

The React-Pivot table also offers localization support and has a built-in table, heat map, and table-bar chart renderers. 

Devextreme Pivot Grid

Devextreme PivotGrid Example


  • Connecting to OLAP
  • Integration with charts 


  • Free only for non-commercial usage
  • Part of the component suite, so not updated constantly

Devextreme Pivot Grid is a tool designed for efficient multi-dimensional data analysis and offers support for binding to data from various sources, OLAP cubes (such as MS SQL Server Analysis Services). 

The component offers various features such as summary calculation modes, customizable layout, data sorting and exporting, and integration with DevExtreme Chart.

Devextreme UI Suite is a commercial product, but it also offers a non-commercial free license for developers who require a pivot grid solution for non-commercial projects. However, this free license comes without any update or support. This pivot grid is already well-developed, making it a good choice for those who require a reliable and efficient pivot grid tool for non-commercial purposes.


The pivot table component can be a great asset for any web application, particularly since the amount of data is constantly increasing. And many businesses need effective tools for the visualization and analysis of data. Appropriate pivot grid component can create advanced data visualizations and gain valuable insights through data analysis.