When you need to convert data into a readable format and present it in a report that allows you to get the profit of this data – then you need to look for web-based reporting tools. There is a big variety of such kind of tools, they all specialize on different aspects of reporting. Some of them are focused more on charts, other presented by simple grids, or designing reports etc.

Anyway, when you have any data the first thing you need to do is to group it and find the dependencies. Pivoting approach is widely used for this purposes.

We will consider some free pivot tables that you can add to your project and enhance your web reporting. They are used to filter, sort, export, and drill through the different semantic data layers for effective analysis.

So, here we want to point out 3 good options that we think can be worth your attention. Let’s go deeper to review them.

Pivottable js

– own pivot charts
– prepared localization

Nice tool that allows users to get all basic functionality of Excel pivot table easily. Pivottable.js was originally created in CoffeeScript and built on top of the jQuery and jQueryUI. Can be customized, so if you are a developer it allows you to change the appearance by using a custom color scale – i.e. you can redefine the initial set of colors and later have the option to customize as per likings. Also you can find on GitHub prepared localization files. PivotTable.js also allows you to transform the pivot table into a pivot chart by using special add-ons.

If you know how to code you can configure this pivot according to your requirements.

React-Pivot Table

– supports React
– integrates with plotly charts

For React lovers the author of pivottable.js has imported this pivot grid to React. It is called React-Pivot Table and helps you to create pivot grid apps with drag and drop functionality.

The React-Pivot table also offers localization support and has a built-in table, heat map, and table-bar chart renderers.

Webdatarocks Free Pivot table

– Toolbar & ready-to-use modern design
– integration with charting libraries
– prepared localization
– expand/collapse data

WebDataRocks is a free javascript pivot grid library for all who need a ready-to-use tool for data visualization and analysis. It’s natively written in JavaScript, displays data in CSV / JSON format in an interactive pivot table.

The strong suit of WebDataRocks is the variety of data analysis features that makes web reporting easier for the users. This quite simple pivot control supports drag and drop, multiple data fields, grand totals and subtotals, sorting, filtering, drill down, and more. It’s also has a compact form with the ability to expand and collapse data and, it can be easily integrated with Angular.

Also we’ve tried to make it easier for not ‘techie’ people. You can view 1MB of data, create reports and export the results to Excel, PDF, HTML formats in 5 minutes after download. This Pivot grid comes with Toolbar that helps users to slice and dice data via UI.

Adding pivot grid to a data analysis web solution can be really useful. We think that both pivot grids described in this article enhance the data analysis process.