There are almost 26.4 million software developers in the world. Their demand is increasing dramatically due to the rapid digitalization and dependency on digital channels for doing businesses. 

Due to the immense pressure and demand of the software, developers become more dependent upon tools to complete software development adequately. 


The code editing tools are given importance because they can be directly effective in your workflow and productivity. 

The tools for code editing are getting advanced with time. The modern ones are more flexible and fast and can support featureless development. So let’s explore some of the latest code editing tools to use this year.  


The Atom is counted among the premium class code and text editing software. 

Its best features are: 

  • free of cost, 
  • customizable, 
  • and open source. 

The developers highly recommend the tool as you can prepare any alteration that is required. The Teletype and file system browser is the most desired feature. 

Platforms that are supported by the tool are Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Use this tool when you are a software development perfectionist. The inch by inch perfect software is possible by using this tool.      


The Brackets is the software developed by Adobe, especially for; CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

It is counted as an authentic, lightweight, and modern tool for editing. 

The ‘Extract’ feature of Brackets distinguishes it from other code editing software. It will enable you to select colors, fonts, and gradients from the Photoshop file. 

The core feature is the minimum user interface that supports inconvenient code editing. The code syntax is automatically highlighted. 

Sublime Text

The Sublime Text is a professional code editing software. 

It ranks on this list because of its features: code, prose, and markup. Like Atom, the Sublime Text also has an active package repository that increases its features to the utmost extent after downloading. 

The software’s core feature also include:

  •  split editing, 
  • keyboard shortcuts, 
  • command palette, 
  • API plug-in, 
  • and distraction-free writing.

The software is considered ideal for developers who are more concerned with the interface. The software also serves as a tough horse along with an attractive interface while running heavy files and intense code editing. Sublime Text will cost you around $80.    


The editing tool of Netbeans is equipped with an attractive interface and boot features. It doesn’t matter whether the software is written in CSS, HTML, or PHP; the tool’s efficiency remains the same. 

Netbeans is an open-source platform that provides you with software development facilities in many languages. You can also avail the features of Java 8 language if you have developed an app from the recent version.

The tool’s key features are:

  • static analysis, 
  • powerful debugging, 
  • multiple linguistic support, 
  • and fast code editing. 

With all of these features, the software has gained 94% of user’s satisfaction.       


I believe Notepad++ is the most popular and widely used code editing software on the list. 

The main reason for its popularity is the open-source facility and GPL-licensing. Also, the user-friendliness and convenience it provides are tremendous. 

If you are a beginner, then this one’s for you. The developers recommend it as an excellent platform for those who are editing code for the first time.

Not only beginners but professionals also use it due to its lightweight and effective features. The software is downloaded almost 28 million times.

The software’s key features include:

  •  syntax folding, 
  • auto-completion, 
  • customizability, 
  • and multiple language support. 

However, macOS does not support Notepad++. 


To be very honest, Vim is completely different from the rest of the tools mentioned in the list. 

The Vim tool is a complex code editing tool that is only for professionals. From its website to the software’s interface, all of it is developed for professionals. 

It can perform all the functions that are present in the above-mentioned software. But the differentiating element is that it is specifically designed for precision and efficiency.*tnw1coBsCMPz1HWHTXORWw.png

The software’s key feature includes: 

  • secure login, 
  • Unix-based, 
  • multiple programming languages supportive, 
  • and massive plug-in system. 

If you live and breathe in coding, then this one’s for you. But don’t get upset if you are a beginner, as it provides a game to learn the software operations.      


It is more like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) than a tool. 

Therefore, it is considered to be too advanced for beginners. The software is packed with a wide range of features. 

The continuous updates of the software also increase its efficiency and usability. The full-screen editing and adequate search and replace features depict software distinctive from others. 

The key features include: 

  • lightweight, 
  • multiple document interface, 
  • snippets sidebar, 
  • unlimited undo, 
  • and auto-recovery.,1)/bluefish-5a5ff4f0842b170037aedce0.jpg

Bluefish is supported by Linux, Solaris, macOS, BSD, and Windows. If you want to learn about IDE, then this software is best for you. 

Though, similar to Vim, it is not for beginners. Bluefish is rated 4-star by the users.        

Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code developed by Microsoft is fully featured and well-rounded code editor software. 

It is extensible and open-source and can work on C, C++, Rust and Node.js. The tool is considered adequate for increasing the development workflow. 

The inclusion of software with A.I is considered to be the valuable cost and time-effective feature.

The feature provides the facility to transfer code from application to software. This generates the automated responses of code writing. It also provides refactoring, debugging, and split views facilities. 

The software is rated 4.5-stars on the basis of the developer’s choice. is the web-based code editing tool in the list. The tool is free and even provides code storage facilities. exempts line by line coding requirements, and you can also share the code by using this. 

The tool can support all the major programming languages due to its large archive of themes and syntax highlighting.

The platform is a replacement for the everyday code editing tools but a perfect addition when you need to share your code with someone. is also recommended due to its lightweight and easily bogged down feature. 

If you are teaching someone code editing, then is the best one to use. Almost 400,000 users visit the platform.      


Espresso is also a web-based Mac code editing tool.

The users are welcome with an interactive interface and a powerful code editor. The basic interface of the tool will support beginners to learn. 

However, the additional features of the tool are for professionals. The software exempts the requirement of spending hours configuring unstable servers.

The latest feature that distinguishes the tool from others is the Clodette menu, which automatically facilitates its sync server. Though, it is not as convenient as cheap dissertation writing services. The software will cost you around $99.     

GNU Emacs

The GNU Emacs is the biggest competitor of Vim. 

Both the software is developed with cutout features for increasing the efficiency and precision of code editing. Though, the software has a more attractive interface, contrary to Vim. 

The Emacs are also known as the hardcore and no-nonsense code editing software as used for best dissertation writing services UK

Along with the content-aware editing, the software also provides the command line installation and built-in documentation.

Other key features of the software include the graphical interface and stabilization. The platforms supported by tools are GNU, macOS, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Solaris.   

Bottom Line

The rapid shift in global dynamics towards digitalization has dramatically increased the demand for software. Almost all the businesses in the world are willing to reflect their digital presence to cope with tech trends

The potential solution to overcome this load is done by using smart tools. These tools save time and efforts. Code editing can be tough and time-consuming for beginners; therefore, the adequate way is to use the tools that I have mentioned above. 

The list consists of a variety of tools. All of these tools perform almost a similar function but in their own unique way. The additional features increase the desirability of tool usage. 

I hope the list I have prepared will be supportive enough for the professionals and beginners to select their code editing tool easier.    

Thank you to our guest author Vanessa Elaine. She is currently performing her duties as a Data Engineer at Assignment Assistance, the organization famous for its essay writers’ services. She is a dedicated Engineer willing to shed light on the diverse topic of software development. 

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