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At WebDataRocks, we appreciate quality content. 

You are welcome to contribute to building a stronger community around web development, data analysis, and data visualization topics.

Sharing your expertise can help developers and analysts become more knowledgeable in their professional field, and we would be happy to be a part of it with you on board.

Content guidelines

Your article topic

Please share with us a topic or an idea you are planning to write about beforehand. We would be glad to help you formulate it so that it meets our audience’s interests.

Topics our audience prefer

Our audience’s interest is intersecting between web development, data analytics, data science, data visualization, and reporting.

Therefore, we would like to enrich our blog with more articles covering these topics. 

Other topics include web frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, etc.), tech stacks, programming, client-side and server-side development, databases, big data, tech trends. 

The format we suggest

The recommended length of your article is 3000-3500 symbols. But let that not be an upper bound. We appreciate long reads, as well. 

It can be:

  • Overview/comparison 
  • Tutorial
  • Essay 

☝️Original article only

Please note, the content should be unique. It should not be previously published on other placements, including your own website. 


We reserve the right to edit the content you submit. We would like to have your idea stated well and delivered most accurately. Therefore, editing might include stylistic, grammatical, and formatting improvements.

Tips on writing

Just a few suggestions that may make your article/writing more engaging:

  • Supplement an article with code snippets and visualizations. 
  • If your tutorial has demos, we recommend using CodePen as a platform for hosting them. 
  • Create a compelling headline. Here are tips on how to make your headline SEO-friendly
  • Add images. Here you can rely on us. If you need help with your article’s visual design, e.g., a cover picture, just let us know.

😁 We are waiting for your ideas and content on guest-writer@webdatarocks.com.

Please send us your draft in a Google Docs file.