Look & Feel Meet the quality service

WebDataRocks JavaScript Pivot Grid is a lightweight fast control created for instant web reporting and powerful data analysis. Check out a simple and stylish interface offering lots of functions to the end users.

Easy Navigation Well-designed graphics for an intuitive interface

Pivot grid provides a good way to show your data neat and clear. We have made the process of online reporting incredibly intuitive. No complicated scenarios - all functions are ready-to-use without additional settings. Connect to the data source, open previously saved web reports, display the data, add formatting and export the results of your work. It really is that simple!

Data Tables Responsive table with subcategories and value details

This data analysis tool can show the datasets in a compact and easy-to-understand form. The grid shows aggregated values instead of taking lots of space by raw data.

Filters & Fields Detailed Filters and Fields customization

Leave only appropriate data on the grid with the help of filters. Our web based reporting tool easily displays the data you need. Just open the Fields view and arrange items via dragging. Every item can fit inside rows, columns, filters or values. Enhance your experience with pivot grid control by adding calculated values.

Formatting Settings Format Cells, Conditional Formatting & Layout options

Data visualization is an important part of successful web reporting. Add conditional formatting to highlight the values for more convenient analysis. Choose the colors for highlighting from our handy color picker. What is more, the tool supports number formatting, such as currency symbols or text-align. That is especially helpful while working with some financial data.

Charts Integrate with charts to visualize data

WebDataRocks JavaScript Pivot Grid can provide even more fruitful web reporting when the data is also shown in charts. Integrate with such famous charting libraries as Google Charts, Highcharts, FusionCharts and enjoy the visualization of the data pivoted by our control.