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Online Reporting: Top Free web-based Pivot Grids that developers will love

Free PivotTables

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best free pivot table libraries you can integrate into your project to improve your web reporting. Pivot tables are great tools that not only help you organize and visualize data but also allow you to sort, filter, and export it. Here you can read more detailed information about what a pivot table is.  The pivot table component can transform your data into a readable format and provide valuable insights. However,  many developers have the challenge “how to choose a pivot table for your project.”  That is why we decided to evaluate various pivot controls. 


Collapses all nodes and performs the drill-up of all hierarchies in the slice on the grid.



Check out the CodePen example.

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expandAllData(withAllChildren: Boolean)

Expands all nodes and performs the drill-down of all hierarchies in the slice on the grid.


withAllChildrenBooleanoptional Defines whether to drill down all levels of all hierarchies or not. Set this property to false to expand all nodes and not to drill down hierarchies. Default value is true.


1) Expand all nodes and drill down all hierarchies in the slice:


Check out the CodePen example.

2) Expand all nodes without drilling down the hierarchies in the slice:


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dataloaded: String

The event is triggered once the component loads data.


webdatarocks.on('dataloaded', function(){
alert('Data loaded!');

Check out the CodePen example.