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off(eventName:String, functionName:String)

Removes JavaScript event handlers that are attached to a pivot table component with the on() method. Follow the link to see a full list of events.


eventNameStringSpecifies a name of the component’s event.
functionNameStringoptional Specifies a name of the event handler to be removed. If it is not specified, all the event handlers are removed for this event.


  1. Remove all the handlers for the 'reportchange' event:
  2. Add a handler to the 'reportcomplete' event:
    webdatarocks.on('reportcomplete', 'onReportComplete');
    function onReportComplete(result) {
        console.log('The report has been loaded successfully!');
  3. Remove the specified handler for the 'beforetoolbarcreated' event:
    webdatarocks.off('beforetoolbarcreated', 'onToolbarCreated');

Important note If you add the event listener the following way:

webdatarocks.on('reportchange', function () {
    alert('The report has been changed!');

Then it is not possible to remove such a handler by its name. All that is feasible is to remove all the handlers from an event:


See the CodePen demo.

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