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Need more features?

We hope your time using WebDataRocks Pivot Table has been productive and satisfying. WebDataRocks provides all the basic features for data visualization and analysis, such as connecting to JSON or CSV data sources and essential data aggregation functions.

In case you want to have more features, be it advanced customization or more data source options, we recommend looking at Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts β€” a commercial advanced component developed by the same team.

Flexmonster has all of the WebDataRocks features and more, so you have nothing to lose by migrating to it. In addition, the number of changes required to move from WebDataRocks is minimal.

Continue with this page to discover all the Flexmonster features your project can benefit fromπŸ‘‡

No data size limit

WebDataRocks works with JSON and CSV datasets no larger than 1 MB, which should satisfy the majority of use cases.

Flexmonster doesn’t set limits on the dataset’s size, so the maximum size depends only on the browser’s capabilities. Moreover, Flexmonster can connect to server-side data storage and load only the necessary data subsets into the browser, allowing you to work with much larger datasets.

More data source options

In addition to having no strict limit on the data size, Flexmonster offers a wider selection of data sources.

The following data sources are supported out of the box:

  • JSON
  • CSV
  • Microsoft Analyses Services
  • SQL databases
  • Elasticsearch
  • MongoDB

You can also connect Flexmonster Pivot to any data source using the custom data source API β€” Flexmonster’s communication protocol that helps you build a custom data source using your server.

See the full list of the data sources supported by Flexmonster.

Built-in pivot charts

Flexmonster offers one more exclusive feature β€” built-in pivot charts. This allows you to visualize data using the charts out of the box without integrating with third-party charting libraries.

Check out the video that shows how to work with Flexmonster Pivot Charts:

Advanced customer support

Another important aspect of Flexmonster is Rockstar Support β€” a team of technical specialists who are always ready to answer your questions or help you resolve issues. You can also check out the collection of resolved support tickets to find a solution for your case.

Other benefits

In addition to everything listed, Flexmonster provides other benefits:

Where do I start with Flexmonster?

Flexmonster offers a 30-day free trial requiring no payment details, so you can test Flexmonster’s functionality and decide whether it fits your project. Moreover, you can get a special discount as a WebDataRocks user if you decide to buy the product license. 

To smoothly move from WebDataRocks to Flexmonster, check out our migration guide.

If you want to see Flexmonster in action, watch this video for a detailed overview of Flexmonster Pivot and then try out the live demo: