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Loading the report

If you want to pick up where you left while working with the previous report, you can load it into the pivot table:

Loading the report via the Toolbar

To load a local report

  • Go to the Open tab ( menu_open ) on the Toolbar.
  • Select Local report.
How to load a local report

To load a remote report

  • Go to the Open tab ( menu_open ) on the Toolbar.
  • Select Remote report.
  • Enter the URL of the remote report.
How to load a remote report

Loading the report programmatically

Load your report while embedding WebDataRocks by specifying a path to your report file:

let pivot = new WebDataRocks({
	container: "#wdr-component",
	toolbar: true,
	// replace this URL with your report file
	report: "https://cdn.webdatarocks.com/reports/report.json"