What is WebDataRocks

WebDataRocks is a free web reporting tool for data analysis and visualization.

It is written in JavaScript and is not constrained by any external framework. This simple but enterprise-featured web-based pivot grid can be added to your website, application or project web page within minutes.

What does it offer

WebDataRocks easily displays your CSV or JSON data in an interactive pivot table, offers a number of data analysis features and provides reporting experience. You get the real-time reporting of your data on any device you prefer (PC, tablet, mobile etc.)

Who can use WebDataRocks

Our reporting tool would be a perfect fit if you:

  • Want to analyze data quickly
  • Looking for online reporting tool
  • Need a lightweight web pivot table
  • Don’t know how to code or don’t want to

Why is it cool

  • WebDataRocks easily embeds in your web page not requiring much programming skills
  • You can save your time expenses on integration as it’s already configured and ready to use
  • Our tool has enterprise features for real business, despite it’s costless
  • It’s a powerful analytic tool with well-designed ready-to-use modern UI

The main benefit is that WebDataRocks is an absolutely free tool created by passionate data lovers from Flexmonster.

How can I get WebDataRocks

To use WebDataRocks in your application just go to our download page. Yes, it’s that simple!

How can I add it to my website / application

To make it simple for you we’ve prepared a Quick start tutorial which provides you with an easy instruction on how to add WebDataRocks to your project.

How can I use more advanced options

For those of our users who want to further explore WebDataRocks functionality, we added an advanced options section. It contains a useful information about the following topics:

Some thoughts from creators

We truly hope that you will enjoy all this experience with WebDataRocks. It’s created to help solve data analysis needs for different kinds of projects: start-ups, nonprofit or commercial. So, if it will work for you, please share your success with others. Let data rock this world!