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googlecharts.getData(options:Object, callbackHandler:Function, updateHandler:Function)

This method is used for integration with Google Charts. It is responsible for requesting the data from the pivot table and pre-processing it to the appropriate format for the required type of the chart. To use this method it is necessary to include the webdatarocks.googlecharts.js library which serves as a connector between Pivot Table and Google Charts. More details can be found in the Integration with Google Charts tutorial.


optionsObjectOptions for data pre-processing. This object has the following parameters:
  • type
Stringoptional Specify the chart type to prepare the data
for: "area", "bar", "column", "line", "pie" or "sankey". The default value is "sankey".
  • slice
Objectoptional Define the slice of data for pre-processing for the specified chart. If it is not defined, the API call will send the data displayed in the pivot table.
  • prepareDataFunction
Functionoptional An external function. Use it if webdatarocks.googlecharts.js does not support the necessary chart type or you need to pre-process the data differently. This function has the following parameters: rawData – raw (non-aggregated) data for sending to the chart; options – object with options defined in googlecharts.getData(). To learn more about the rawData object’s structure, turn to getData() API call documentation.
callbackHandlerFunctionThis function specifies what happens after the data is ready. It has the following parameters: data and rawData (rawData is an optional argument, define it in case of special necessity: for defining number formatting in the tooltip, etc).
updateHandler Functionoptional It is triggered when the data in the pivot table is updated, sorted or filtered. It has the following parameters: data and rawData.

For setting a special number formatting for Google Charts, we offer to use two functions from webdatarocks.googlecharts.js. These functions take a pivot table format object as an argument and return the formatting string in Google Charts format.

getNumberFormatFunctionTakes the pivot table format object as an argument for format parameter and returns a format object for number formatting in Google Charts. Use this object for columns’ formatting in a DataTable, for example.
getNumberFormatPatternFunctionTakes the pivot table format object as an argument for format parameter and returns Google Charts format pattern. Use this pattern to control the formatting of label numbers on axes.


The following sample shows how to integrate WebDataRocks Pivot Table with Google Charts and use googlecharts.getNumberFormat() method to change the number formatting in the chart: