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Field List

This article explains how to define which data is shown on the grid using the Field List. Each field can be selected to rows, columns, values, or report filters.

To select the fields in the Field List

  • Go to the Fields tab (menu_fields) on the Toolbar.
  • Pay attention to the All Fields section on the left. It contains all fields from your data source.
  • Drag and drop the fields to the Rows, Columns, Values, and Report Filters areas.
  • To change the aggregation for a field in the Values box, press the Edit button () next to its name.
  • Use the Add calculated value button to compose new values based on your data source.
  • Apply the changes.

Try it yourself:

To show certain fields when loading data

  1. Configure your fields using the Field List.
  2. Save your current configuration and apply it when loading a new report. For more details, see Loading the report.

Want to check how is the field configuration defined in the report? Find the slice section in our online demo.

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