A dataSource object contains the information about the data source of the report.


Name Type Description
filename String optional The URL to JSON or CSV file. Also can be the URL to the server-side script generating the data.
fieldSeparator String optional Specific field delimiter for CSV data. By default, WebDataRocks can parse comma-separated values or semicolon-separated values. For all other cases, fieldSeparator should be specified.
data String optional Property to specify JSON data. WebDataRocks supports a certain kind of JSON data – array of objects, where each object is an unordered collection of KEY/VALUE pairs.


Connect to a CSV file in WebDataRocks reporting tool:

var pivot = new WebDataRocks({
	container: "#wdr-component",
	toolbar: true,
	height: 395,
	report: {
		dataSource: {
			filename: "https://cdn.webdatarocks.com/data/data.csv"

Try it out on CodePen.